Original Wyze Cam (V1) won’t stay on Night Vision

I still run a couple of V1’s in my set up….I’ve noticed what seems to be a bug…whether or not I choose “on” or “auto” for the night vision settings, when I close the app and reopen, or if I choose another camera to look at….when I go back to the V1, the night vision reverts to “off”…. I can’t get it to stay on “auto” or “on”.

I’ve restarted, reset, updated software, confirmed it’s on Android and IOS…AND a buddy that still uses a V1 has the same issue…

You can switch night vision to “on” or “auto”, but the next time you open the camera, it’ll be “off”.

Any help?

Slight update: Although on the app it shows the night vision is “off”, it appears to be working, because I could see the dark room of my office where the V1 is….

So, the bug appears to be in the labeling…not so much the functioning

Well those are like way old and not supported anymore as of September 2020,have you signed out of the app and sign back in?

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Didn’t realize they had stopped supporting them……makes sense of course.

But like I said, appears to be the labeling and not the functioning anyway.