V3 Cam keeps going back to default settings in Night Vision

all my cameras keep resetting to default in night vision mode. I have no control since the most recent update.

Do you have the the latest firmware? I thought this was already fixed, unless the bug came back. With Wyze, that’s always a possibility. Software testing - cough, cough.

When you say “resetting to default in night vision mode”, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean that the mode symbol is changing to the Moon with the word “On” and the camera is operating in night mode, or the mode symbol is set to “Auto” and the camera is always operating in night mode, or something else.
And as Ipip60R34s asked, what firmware version firmware are the cameras operating with, and what phone and phone app version are you using? And please don’t answer “the latest version” (that changes) - specify the version numbers.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s the wyze app. The Ver.2.20.21 is the p[roblem. I have a different version on the other android phone 2.19.15. The 2nd version seems to work fine. It was updated May 12,2021. The one I download on Google is 2.20.21 which doesn’t allow me to change the night vision to dark and far. If I leave the setting and try and go back to it it sets back to dusk and night vision ir lights set back to off.
Firmware version Android and the Wyze app version is 2.20.21

I have 2 v3"s both running Both have been running a number of weeks with no night view problems.

It has nothing to do with the app. I power my cell phone off at around 9PM.

One cam gets little traffic while the other gets cars all night long. Today when I checed the overnight recordings. 9PM, 10PM, 11PM, 12AM, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM - no problem with night recordings.

4:30AM IR lights on. Which is funny since the sun starts to rise around that time. Both cameras had their IR reset from Dark to Dusk.

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Never had this problem until recent update. I’ve had these cameras for over a month and settings never defaulted by to factory settings. I understand what you’re saying and have done what you said. I have 2 phones with different wyze app versions like I explained above. No problems with settings staying put on 1 of the phones. They have 2 differwent version for the wyze app itself, not the firmware.

In your last sentence you said it reset from dark to dusk. That’s what I’m talking about. I set mine to
auto, dark and far. Later if I go back to settings it all reverted back to auto, dusk and off.

Same here !

Finally! Sorry it is happening to you too. They were trying to have me all kinds of things and it’s not us.
It’s their Wyze App Version 2.20.21.

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I have 7 cam v3. All of these are having the same issue. I set all of the IR settings to DUSK/FAR and then restart the app. All of them are then showing as DUSK/OFF… but, the actual IR on the cam remains as FAR. I can see the 4 IR lights on the front and the picture quality is IR FAR. When in the actual settings window, I can see the change (when it is dark outside) in the picture. So, their cams work and hold the settings, but the APP is lying. Good luck getting Wyze to address it. I can’t even get them to reply to my ticket on the issue. It is worse than customer service at the cable company. They refused to give me an email address to send my complaint.

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I have the same problem, I set the app to Night all the time otherwise it clicks constantly from night on the off. So I set night only. By morning it’s back on auto. Very frustrating!

@pieter1, mine were all V3, but I thought they had already fixed this with firmware and app updates. My problem was fixed a long time ago. Make sure your app and your firmware for the cams are all up to date, then do a power cycle on each cam and see if you get better results. I waited till dark and toggled the settings on each cam while looking for the telltale red IR lights on the front of the cams. 4 for hi, 2 for low, none for off. Hope this helps, good luck.

The V3 cameras don’t have a IR Illuminators High vs Low setting. They have a setting for Near vs Far which results in different IR LEDs operating - which have different wavelengths. The Far setting causes the 850 nm LEDs to operate which are generally visible to the human eye. The Near setting causes the 940 nm LEDs to operate which are far less visible to the human eye. If you can see them, you will see that it is different locations than the 850 nm LEDs.

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Again, I stand corrected by our resident forum hall monitor. Straight to the principals office for me again. I feel so ashamed. My apologies to the Technical Lexicon Jedi Knights.

Perhaps you could review the technical language accuracy of all my previous posts as well and put together a technical manual for me to review. I am sure we will all be the better for it and Wyze Techs might get a schooling as well.

By your response post, I am absolutely positive you are incapable of getting the point.

So a thanks then? :wink: Or what still needs to be addressed?