Ordered a 2-pack from amazon but one is broken and I don't wanna have to return them both

I ordered this 2-pack
on April 12th and one of them works great but the other has had small issues since I have had it and now it stopped working altogether. I don’t want to have to return the entire package (which would include the working cam) so how should I proceed?

Amazon says I have until May 31st to request a return.

The problem I have had with one of the cams is that the night vision has not worked right since I first bought it and connected the cams–it won’t switch over to night vision at all, even in manual mode, and I have I tried all options. But I was okay with that not working since it wasn’t really a priority for what I had it placed. But tonight I noticed that it stopped working altogether. The app doesn’t recognize it all and it keeps trying to reconnect–no changes made to my modem settings and the other cam is still connected. I have tried to unplug it and plug it back in. I have tried it in a different outlet. I have tried to delete the cam in the app and go through the whole setup process again but when I plug it in I don’t get the flashing yellow light. Instead I get a static yellow light for about 20-30 seconds and then one quick blue light flash and then I hear a click sound from the cam and it presumably shuts off – just goes blank.

So again, I don’t want to replace both of them, mainly because I really need at least one cam right now and one of them works just fine (I write it off as I just got a bad batch. Crap happens, no big deal). I was just hoping that your company would allow me replace the one cam without going thru Amazon.

I am more than welcome to provide the order number and/or any other validation info you may need.

Thanks in advance.

You could order a single camera and return the defective one for a refund. Be sure to tell them it’s defective. I don’t think Amazon tracks them by MAC address or anything.

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Same here. Told them only one was broken. Wanted to return one. Returned the faulty item. Received two new cameras. Now I have a spare.

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