Support may take too long, return camera

Problem with one of two cams. Night vision does not work.
Open ticket… but since it may take too long…
Probably best to return new items if there is a problem and not wait.

Did troubleshooting and opened ticket
Still waiting and probably missed return window for an order thru amazon.

So just a tip, send it back while you can…

Wyze is very good about returns and/or replacement. They have a small team and it may take time. There is a very large backlog of people trying to learn how to use and troubleshoot cameras with problems. I am sure once Gwendolyn receives notice of this she will solve this problem for you very quickly. You might wish to message her directly? If not simply wait for her to read this thread and I am sure she will take good care of you as quickly as possible. Also bear in mind they are west coast time and I am not sure where you are located. I know it is difficult but please be patient. In the meantime, these are user assisted forums and we would be happy to try to assist you in any way we are able.

Hope this helps!





You can try tagging @WyzeGwendolyn so that she can get a notification about this because as @Tuna said the wait times have been longer then usual.


Thank you so much for showing me that feature
I was not sure of her actual username when I made the previous post.
I just remembered she was Gwendolyn!

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I have been successfully summoned! Thanks for bringing me here, folks. :slight_smile:

@Oso, sorry to hear about this issue. May I please have your support ticket number so I can look into this for you? I’m happy to help!


Ticket from jan 11 Ticket 161849]
Sent reply msg yesterday requesting update.
Can wait longer if others ahead of me requesting support
however might want to change the auto- reply that says expect response in 2-5

I’m going to tell the team that right now. I’ll also pull up your ticket and see what’s going on. We’re definitely behind on tickets and we apologize for the inconvenience.

@Oso, you have a response now! I’ll keep the window open for your reply. Once I see the comparison photos I’ll be able to help move your ticket through the system. :slight_smile:

Just update. Got nice support to address my concerns and try and figure out any steps.