Option to keep controls visible in full screen view

I was wondering if there was a more prominent way of displaying the mute icon when the camera is fullscreen mode. I’ve been using this as a baby monitor like many others do but sometimes I accidentally mute the camera and forget to turn mute off. If the camera is in fullscreen mode, the mute icon along with all the other details such as camera name, streaming quality, camera, video, and speaker are hidden when you click on the screen.

I was wondering if there is a way to more prominently display the mute icon only when the camera has the sounds turned off/mute. Just in case someone accidentally has it on mute and didn’t know the sounds were turned off in fullscreen.

Or maybe add a setting to keep all the details permanently on the screen (camera name, video quality, sound button, etc) even when you are on fullscreen mode?

Another option would be to show the mute icon similar to how it is implemented in the group multicamera live view.

I understand and agree with what you are asking for, however, you can tap on the screen when in full screen, which then gives you access to all of the controls including mute/unmute.
This can be left like that until not needed.

Yeah I know you can tap on the screen to keep all those options viewable but sometimes you can accidentally tap it again and it turns off. I’d like an option to keep it permanently displayed if you want to.

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