Audio switching to mute on live view

I am using my camera as a baby monitor, but am struggling to keep the audio playing while watching live on my Android phone. I’ll look over and for some reason it has gone to mute without anyone touching the phone. Any ideas on what my cause this?

The speaker icon on the live view is being muted? It shows a little X? Make sure no one else is viewing the cam at the same time as you. Try on a different device and see if it still happens.

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Yes, that is exactly what is happening. It may be being viewed on another device, but it wouldn’t be muted either. Is it possible only one view can carry sound at a time?

I think as many views can have sound as they want, but could the user viewing the other view be muting it? It may sync, not sure.

Try clearing the app cache in account > app settings. Force close the app. Then see if it continues.

Thank you! That seemed to do the trick!

FYI… I had already cleared the cache from the android system settings and had closed (but not force closed) the app, so this sequence had a different outcome.

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