When I disable the microphone on the V3 camera (android app), it also disables the sound

seems like weird behavior to me. Is this a bug? can I change it?

Maybe I don’t understand what you are saying. Of course the sound from the camera is disabled if you disable the mic - that’s where the sound comes from. Or do you mean something else?

I think I was able to recreate what the OP mentioned. If you are in live view, and either press the speaker first, or press the mic, your icons show like this:

Now click the hang up, both the speaker and the mic turn off. You’d have to turn the speaker back on to hear a response

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Yeah, @Omgitstony is right. I always want the speaker to be on, to hear what’s going on. I just don’t understand why after I use the microphone and turn it off, it turns off the speaker .

If it helps to explain, I’m using it as a baby cam, so after I use the mic to talk to my son, I still want to hear him after I stop using the mic


In testing, my guess is it does that because the two way audio for the v3 is full duplex. Where you can listen and talk at the same time, as opposed to the v2, where you click and hold talk, speak then let off the button and your words are sent to the camera then you can listen for a responce. I guess I think of the V3s two way audio as more of a phone call, press mic when you want to talk and listen to the other end, then hit hang up when done. As an included feature, I’d hope to see a mute the mic only button, or like the OP referenced, click the mic to turn it off but leave the speaker on.

After talking, you could just keep the mic on and listen, shouldn’t need to do anything extra to be able to hear anything if the speaker is enabled.

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When I have left the mic on (like a phone call), the speaker on the camera makes a lot of screeching feedback and I can’t always hear what the person is saying in front of the camera. I would REALLY Like to see an option to “hang up” the microphone without disabling the sound for this reason. Otherwise, my convos through the camera go like this: 1. click mic; 2. say what I need to say; 3. click “hang up” mic; 4. IMMEDIATELY click “Sound” again so I can hear the reply (sometimes I miss a few words in the process); 5. Repeat as many times as needed to continue convo.

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I get the same thing.
This should be able to be fixed in the app I would think.
And as many updates as there have been, I am surprised they haven’t fixed this yet.
It is a total pain in the butt.

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Hello? Anybody out there?
We use shared cameras and talk to each other over the camera and the app a lot.
V3, beta software and firmware
But still, turning off the mic on the app also turns off the speaker on the app, then I have to turn the speaker back on.
This would seem to be an easy quick fix, but one year later, nothing!

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I’m glad you pointed this out. I don’t use two-way talk through cams but this is good to know.