Option to have the vacuum move to starting point without the suction turned on

When a room cleaning job is complete, the vacuum returns to the base and turns off the suction. I think it would be nice to also have it work the same way for starting a room cleaning job. If I choose to clean a room across the house, the vacuum start up and suction begins while it travels to that room. why not just leave the suction off until it gets to the room.

i agree. why he mega loud all the way to room. better to sneak it’s way there then suck!!

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Turn Suction off when Vacuum is not in room where the vacuuming is requested

I have had the Wyze Robo-Vac for some time and really like it. I have been observing how it functions and believe you can save on battery if you do not turn on the suction or vacuuming mechanism until it is actually in the room which you requested to be vacuumed.

I have 3 schedules to vacuum my house on Saturdays and every time it leaves the charging base, the vacuum kicks on and continues to the room which is supposed to be vacuumed. I would expect that battery life could be saved if it simply drove to the room and then turned on the suction and Brushes.

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