Wyze Vac- Clean rooms in order they are selected

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I double this. Just now for the 1st time I have started multiple selective rooms cleanup. The robot started the room closest to the charger by default. I would like to setup my own order based on my prority.

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I would also vote high on this.

I had posted the following in a different thread until someone mentioned that it might fit better here…

The map editor will allow you to rename rooms which will come in handy when the Alexa features are, someday, fully implemented. Until then you can easily click on “ Room3 ” and “ Room5 ” and the Bot will happily chug off to “ Area Clean ” only those rooms. But what if you you need “sequential” control when doing a whole house cleaning?

For example… if I hit the “Clean” button the Bot will head off to clean the room that hosts the charger FIRST. It then heads off to clean the other rooms… in the order in which IT chose when it did its first mapping. It makes no difference if you later go into the Map Editor and change the name + number order of the rooms… it will still clean in the original order IT decided was best.

In my case I have a room that is VERY frequently in use by us mere humans. Having a Bot wandering about in that room can be problematic at times.

I would like to be able to override the self-determined cleaning order and tell the Bot to hit THAT room first… at the time of MY choosing when I know there won’t be anyone using that room for a few minutes. No, I can’t move the charger into that room and then force a remap in order to set that room as the START room.

Has anyone come up with a solution to this Whole House “Cleaning Order” problem?

A feature that I would like to see in the Robot Vacuum is the ability to have rooms cleaned in the order in which you’ve selected them. This would take place by Manually selecting each room and it will mark it as 1,2,3, etc.

For example, the charger is in the Living Room and when I start cleaning, it cleans the living room first then works it way to the back of the house. I would like to have it start at the furthest point first and then work it’s way back to the charger. Just a preference of mine that I can see being useful for many.

I love the robot vacuum, I would just like to have this option as well. Hopefully this can be reviewed and put in a future firmware update! Would love this feature!

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I see my post got merged here. Thanks. I did search before posting but could not find any posts related this topic. But anyway, I would love love love this feature!


I also like this idea. Would love to see it implemented.

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I like this idea too. I also like Alexa enabled and spot cleaning and maybe an option to double clean a room going the opposite direction.


I love setting schedules for the robot vac but the rooms often clean out of order according to what room needs it the most.

It would be an excellent feature to prioritize rooms or reorder rooms on the fly if possible. At very least set the order in the schedule options.

As an added bonus, it’d be great to skip a room if it’s currently occupied.

What do you guys think?!


This would be so useful! Our main use case is wanting to clean the bathroom and kitchen first, as those are high traffic areas that are nice to put back together as soon as possible. Sure, you can select specific rooms, then select the others when it’s done, but that’s a bit annoying every time :slight_smile:

This would be super useful. As others have said, it would be nice to set up the order in which the rooms are cleaned. For me that would be setting it to do my bedroom first, followed by the rest of the place so I could start it before going to bed, close the door once my room is done & let it clean the rest of the place overnight.

There have been times when I want it to clean specific rooms in order and I end up having to do each room manually, wait for it to return to the charger then select the next room and so on. Not exactly an ideal or efficient workaround.

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