Option to contact landline contact first for HMS

I have a landline phone as our house’s main contact while we are in the house. If we accidentially set off the home alarm, we want the monitoring company to contact the landline first before contacting the cellphone number of various people in the cotact list. The person whom cellphone number is contacted, SMS or emailed may not be home at the time to know why the alarm was tirggered. The person who is home and triggered the alarm will not be able to contact the cellphone contact person to inform the contact that everything is ok and to cancel the alarm untill If the monitoring company contact the cellphone. If landline phone number is the first contact by monitoring company and no one at the house answer the call or be able to give the “safe word”, then the cellphone contact list people will know there is intrusion in the house and will inform the monitory company to notify police

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Check out Google Voice and see if it fits your needs. The Google Voice number can forward to other numbers and see who picks up first.