Option in Forums to sort thread by date?

Howdy, there’s a thread over in the Support/Q&A forum that currently has 115 comments. Every time there’s a new comment, I must scroll all the way down to the bottom in order to see it. Not a big deal, but would be nice to be able to sort comments within a thread by Date or at least a button near the top that would immediately jump to the bottom. Thanks.

I was just about to make a post about how much I am not liking this forum software. Glad you started it. The problem for me isn’t just that there are no ways to sort etc, but the threaded style means that someone can reply to post 3 in that 115 comment list and you won’t ever see it unless you re-read all 115, There likely isn’t a perfect answer to this. I also seem to have lost several of my posts.

thanks for the feedback. i’ll send this to the forum dev team and see whether they can add in this option in the forum! i’ll probably also start a new thread to consolidate all the feature upgrade wishlist so we can work on improving our forum too!

Thanks @doublea I hadn’t been aware of that. It is helpful but you can’t see what the last 5 posts were just the last. If there are many, you are still lost.

Another missing piece, in my opinion, is no way to easily address a reply to someone as in @doublea. I know the idea behind the threaded model is to allow direct replies to a post but as we see there are issues with that and not everyone uses the direct reply. Personally, I would rather quote and use the forum name in a reply. Then it is easy enough to see the timeline.