Forum suggestions

I’m not sure where to put this, so if the moderators want to move it to someplace else, feel free to do so.

A couple of suggestions on how to make this forum more useful.

  1. Add some way to get a listing of all new messages regardless of forum section in chronological order (newest at the top). Every other forum I use allows this in one way or another. Makes it easy to quickly see all the messages that have come in since the last time I read the forum. For example, if I last looked at the forum 7 hours ago, I just scroll down to whatever message was 7 hours ago and scroll up to see a listing of the newer messages.
  2. I'm sure someone thinks that having replies interlaced with message that they were replying to makes sense (and in a way it does), but it makes it a nightmare to FIND that post. For example, a few minutes ago I saw on the thread listing that there was a new post an hour ago on a thread that had about 50 posts. Entered that message thread and scrolled to the bottom. Nope, not there. Had to scroll through all 50 messages looking at the posting times trying to find a post that was an hour old.
  3. Have the ability to set time zone. I'm in California, so right now we are in Pacific Daylight Saving time (UTC -7). It appears that all posts are in UTC -8, so it makes it harder to tell when a post was made. I would assume those of you far removed from the US Pacific coast would find that worse. Most forums internally keep all posts in UTC, but translate that to whatever time zone that the particular person reading the forum is set for.
  4. Dump the CAPTCHA. We have to log on be able to post anyway. Do you really expect the CAPTCHA is needed. Although not a big deal on a PC, having to select the photos on a phone is a pain in the backsides (on the phone is the only time I am required to use the photos method as opposed to just the checkbox).
  5. Tapatalk support.
That's enough for now...


Re #1 & 2… one way is to subscribe via email to each forum. Although you may think it’s too much email. I have my forum messages routed by rule to their own email folder which I review at my leisure. I find this just as easy as having a new messages list on the site.

Re #4… There has been talk of only requiring the CAPTCHA for users who have not yet posted X times on the forum. I’m not sure that the status of that is.

Where do we stand on Tapatalk? I just searched, saw nothing and came to Wyze to search it. This is the only post I see about it.