How to see my old posts

I can click on my profile picture and it brings up a list that shows replies to my old posts. However, when I click on one of these it doesn’t take me to my post. It instead takes me to the beginning or the first post usually. Some of these topics have over 600 posts so I have no idea where mine is. I tried searching in this page on Chrome, but it never finds my user name.
So, what am I doing wrong? How can I easily get to my post so I can remember what I said and can then see the replies??

Thanks and sorry if this is a dumb question.


I did just realize that when I click on a post it takes me to where I was l looking the last time I visited that post.

But I still don’t know how to quickly find my post in the list of 600+ messages in that topic.

If you click on the thread title here on each entry, it brings you to your initial post or reply. Is this where you are clicking where it brings you to the last read spot?

Also if you find one of your comments in a long post, you can click your profile and it’ll bring up a little quick view like this, and you can like the “# posts in this topic” link for a summarized list of your replies to that topic.

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When you click on your Avatar and it brings up the recent posts that have been added to the Topics you are Watching, the icons there are important.

The Heart are simply Likes. The Eye logo is a post that was not a reply to you but a reply to someone else or a general topic reply. The Arrow logo is a direct reply to one of your posts. When you click this, it will open that specific reply. If you then click your Avatar in the top right of that reply, it will take you to your post that the user replied to so you can review what you had posted.