Opening port and notifications


I have been having problems with my Wyze came for over a month now. It seems like every day I have to reinstall the 3 wyze cam that I have due to them being unable to connect or offline. Currently all 3 Wyze camera are up and running. They are all connected to my wifi extender.

From installing the cameras multiple times, I noticed that I only receive activity notifications when my firewall is off. When I set my firewall back up after installing the cameras, I do not receive any notifications. I have contacted the wyze support team. They sent me a list of the ports need to open. I have know nothing of any IT stuff. I contacted my router maker and was shown how to open the port. But I ran into an issue. I was told to assign IP addresses for the cameras and to create entries for opening a port to one camera at time. But I cannot open one port to two IP addresses. Anyone know a way around this? or any other possible solution to this issue?
I appreciate the help.

You may want to tell us what router you are using. Also, where are you turning on your firewall? If on your computer, I wouldn’t think that would have much effect. If on your router, that could be another matter.

I can easily open ports for multiple devices on my router, but the only time I have ever needed to do that is with a very old Panasonic network cam, and then I only do that when I am on travel.

Specifics on your hardware can help us to give specific recommendations.

None of what you are experiencing is normal, so give as many details as you can.


Thanks for the reply!

I have Arris SBG6400 and two wifi extender. I been turning off the firewall on the Arris SBG6400 in order to reinstall the cameras. That is when I noticed that only at that time do I get the notifications. I do want to add that I also have Norton Security. I am not sure if that affects the situation.