Notification ok, wifi ok, remote only notification - 4G router

Hi there,

Just recently purcased 3rd camera. Other two are connected through broadband adsl. Works fine.

But the last one is connected with USB 4G modem attached to router. (MR-3020 tplink). Which provides good internet connectin to all other devices if necessary.


The problem only occurs if I want to view the stream or connect to camera from outside. From local wifi no problem.

From outside, (3G, 4G or wifi, , ios12. and my other wyze cameras work no problems), I only get notifications can view notification streams. But cannot connect to camera.

Do you have a standard port or port range so that I can redirect incoming traffic to ip of wyze? I think that should solve the problem.

CAMERA to cloud works but CLOUD to camera does not…


Any help? Or suggestions?

See if these two links help:


If not, I’d suggest you file a support ticket from within the app when the problem is happening (logs will be sent to Wyze).

Thank you for fast response.


I have read those already and the question is, link 1 suggests “confirm that all ports are open”… Ok good. Which ports? They are not documented…Can you give some information?

I believe thats the case. However, I also disabled firewall on router. No luck. With updated firmware I was “able” to view pictures of notifications, with a brand new opened cam with the same config, notification images are not available, only default image is displayed. I can live with that.

But in both cases, old or new firmware, connection is not avail.

Rebooting stuff must be joke. We all do that before writing here, most of us. On the other hand, rebooting requirement a sign of software quality issue. You should take that into consideration. (I am a professor in computer science it that’s relevant :slight_smile: ) .

Me must know about port that we can forward that range. The system then might work. SOme people are talking about sporadic change in mac address. That also could be regarded as a rogue device by 3G sevice provider. (3G router is providing connectivity to camera where the house is located)


If I cannot learn port range, I will open a ticket. As far as I can guess, at the end of support conversation it will turn out to " contact to your service provider" issue :slight_smile:



There used to be a page listing the required ports to be open on the support site, but it seems to have been missed in the transition to the new support site. I’m now in touch with the person responsible for the support site to ask that it be restored. Please stand by and I’ll post it here as soon it’s back up*.

*Note: this forum is going to be taken down tomorrow for a couple days while transitioning to a new (much improved) forum platform. Please be patient.

No prob. Take your time.


Sorry for the delay. I got the answer, but couldn’t respond until the new forum was up and running. There are two links to the port list now. Here they are:

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Thanks for the reply. I also got some news although could not travel near to the camera yet.
Purchased another sim card with 4G from another provider. Tested with another wyze cam works without problems. What I heard about that provider (Avea) is they utilize IP sharing so cannot correctly redirect inbound connections. It was a cheaper service.

I will update this topic when I fix it. Currently vodafone network works without problems. I tested.

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