Only three(3) IFTTT self-created applets will work after Oct 7th unless upgrade to PRO

I’ve long been an avid IFTTT user … particularly when stringing WYZE devices to other services.

I’ve created a number of IFTTT applets for myself and they’ve worked like a charm.

Unfortunately, it appears that IFTTT has changed its tune and will only allow users to have three(3) custom applets unless users upgrade to IFTTT Pro.

Until Oct. 7th, IFTTT is allowing users to “Name Their Own Price” for IFTTT PRO … recommended amount is minimum of $1.99/mo (until Oct 7th, then it goes up to $3.99/mo).
If you have created your own IFTTT applets … you should have gotten an email from IFTTT.

But you can head over to the IFTTT website for more info and decide for yourself if you have more than 3 applets you created for yourself


Thankfully I have long since moved everything over to Alexa except for a few applets that send me an SMS to my phone if the fire alarm sound is detected.

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I’m not happy about this ether. At least they’re offering name your price to existing users!
More here:

Just FYI, it’s name your price so long as it’s a minimum of $1.99… so not really name your price. :slight_smile:

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I did see that. They said they would “honor it for ever”.

I thought I saw that the name your price was only for 1-year then the price would go to its normal price. Did that change?

When IFTTT announced the new charges, it said “name your own price for first year.” The price in the second year increased to $9.99 a month. Users balked. So IFTTT changed to “name own price good forever” minimum for $1.99/mo. until Oct 7, then minimum $3.99/mo.


Good to know, I still may move on from them but glad to hear they partially reconsidered.