Only 1 Camera Updated to beta firmware

I have 4 WyzeCams 1 upgraded to beta firmware but the other 3 are still on and don’t offer an upgrade.
How do I force the other cameras onto the beta. Using beta 1.2.32 on my phone.

Did you tap the settings (gear) icon on the camera, then Device Info > Update firmware > Check upgrade?

That option does not appear to exist. After going into device info there is a firmware upgrade title showing the current firmware but it cannot be tapped.

Did you try power cycling both your phone & camera?

No change after power cycle. So everyone can check for a firmware update on the beta 1.2.32 android app?

Check on an android device I have running beta. Firmware version is

That’s exactly how mine looks except firmware is in both places, not showing an available upgrade.

Have you rebooted/power cycled your phone yet?

Heres the other screen you mentioned.


Screen shots look the same except for version

Screen shots messed up but you can see they are the same.

I’m having the same issue. I’m on the beta, my other two cameras are on,but my third is on I’ve done a hard reset on the camera, rebooted my phone. Deleted the camera, added it back and it still won’t update to the latest. Any ideas?</span>

Same problem here no firmware update on ether of my 2 cameras version any new ideas?


EDIT : after app update to vers 1.2.47 both camers updated firmware to vers 3.92.30 and are working perfectly !

Hi. I cant connect my second camera. Just hear (Please wait to connect).