One camera not prompting me to update to beta firmware

I previously had one V2 camera which has been running beta firmware. I just recently received two more black V2’s this weekend and set them up. One of them immediately prompted me to update the firmware, which was the current beta The other one prompted me to update to Is there a way to push the beta firmware to this device as well?

Once you have the cam connected with the beta app, it should offer the latest beta firmware. That said, I wouldn’t worry about it because the current beta is going public very soon and then everybody will on the latest versions.

I am currently using the beta app, and like I said, one of the new cameras prompted me to update to the beta firmware, however the one camera did not and still has not. I understand the current beta will be public soon, but I want to be sure that I’m able to receive beta firmware on all of my cameras going forward.