One Wyze Account or Two?

I already have a Wyze account under my email address. I have the Wyze smart plugs, camera, sprinkler controller, and now the Watch 47, all registered in this account. I now have to decide how to set up my wife’s Watch 44. Do I add it to my existing account, install the Wyze app on her Android phone, and log it in under my account? Or do I set up a separate account under her email address for her Watch 44? My first instinct was to set up her own account, but then it seems like if I put it in my account and log the Wyze app in on her phone under my email, then she would also have access in the app to the camera, smart plugs, etc that are already under my account.

Would be interested in any thoughts on the correct way to do this before I start down the wrong path. Or maybe there is no wrong path? Either way is ok?

I think she should have her own account for the watch.
I know my wife wouldn’t want to share watch or scale data. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could then share any devices she would want access to.

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I would definitely create an account for her as suggested. Especially so the data doesn’t get mixed up.

We already share Wyze scale data… :grinning:

You can share Wyze devices from one account to another? I’ll have to investigate how to do that.

Thanks for the feedback!

I know you can share cameras. I don’t own any other Wyze devices.

I originally added my wife’s Watch 44 to the same account as my 47, There were a lot of problems with that - especially in terms of connectivity. I set up a different account for her and her 44, then shared the cameras and other devices from my account. BIG PROBLEM, though - I could not share the Home Monitoring. I’m hoping that there is a workaround that I have not yet discovered.

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This is currently not a feature. More information here:

Ok, I’ll admit it. I ignored your advice and logged the Wyze app in on my wife’s phone under my existing Wyse account and set up both her Watch 44 and my Watch 47 on that account (well, in my defense I actually did it before anybody replied)… All seemed to be going well but I just noticed that the “personal information” (sex, weight, etc) can’t be set individually. If I change it for my wife under Watch 44 in the app, that info shows up for me under Watch 47, and vice versa. So, I guess I’ll be creating an account for my wife and sharing the existing Wyze devices with her, as the wize folks in this thread have suggested. :grinning:

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