On Patrol at Our Church

We use our Wyze Truck Cam for security at our Church for services and concerts.


I don’t have one but the videos I have seen that other owners have posted indicate to me that crawling creature is very noisy when in motion?

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Yes, and we turn off the sound in the app. We don’t care about the mobile noise as it is outside on a small hill watching our parking lot areas! :sunglasses:

Maybe it’s time to get one so it keeps company to all your furry friends :rofl:

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I could put the :skunk: on it and send it back to @bryonhu :joy:

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Can you ask him to swing by my place and pick my Pepe’ up? :laughing:

I don’t think he takes returns. :pleading_face:

Right, I totally forgot he in exile :rofl:

Mobile Cam sees them all!



Looks like a Politician in front of a camera, same thing I guess :rofl:


I agree!