Old glory at sunset!


A woman with a pull wagon came by yesterday and planted these small flags all throughout the neighborhood which was nice. (Except) my V3 made cloud event recordings of it flying in the wind all afternoon and all the way up to 5 AM this morning. Little Flag is getting moved to the other side of the driveway behind my truck very soon. :us:


Looks like my sister’s neighborhood in Calif.

My neighbor put out flags for an upcoming dog fence. Had to turn off motion detection.

Flags have been there for over 2 weeks.

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Actually, the invisible dog fence has probably already been planted. The flags are used to train the dog on the limits of yard. The flags get pulled out gradually. When mine were installed, I took about 2 months before they were all gone. Now my dogs rarely “blow through” the perimeter.

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Perhaps most but not my neighbor. He does things half way then stops when another project starts. Notice the big blue tube? He had septic work done in August, which required disassembling his grandchildren’s play area. His garages (plural) are filled with stuff.
All he did was plant the flags. No fresh overturned dirt.
His wife is into gardening and has told me she would like her back yard returned. He has even told my wife that he doesn’t give a $hit about the house.


When Invisible Fence ran the wire in my yard, they used a trencher with a very narrow blade. If he hadn’t been placing the flags as he went, I would never have known he was even in the yard.

But, it sounds like your neighbor is DYIHA (do it yourself half a$$) type of guy, so you are probably right. :rofl: