If a tree falls and there’s no one to hear it…

Leaves on the tree have been coming in late in the spring the past couple of years. Didn’t realize that should be a cause for concern…


If a man’s wife doesn’t tell him that he is wrong, is he still wrong?


If the wife is not around, I’m sure one of the kids would straighten that out.

True story, kid you not:
“Daddy, your bedtime story about atomic bomb was really scary…”

No leaves next spring and free firewood for the winter, win-win.

Except there’s still the fence repair… :sob:

Although I’m thankful it didn’t fall on the house, and the remaining tree turned out to be rotting inside when we decided to remove it. That tree would have definitely fallen onto the house.

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I wasn’t as lucky last winter, it hit the roof.

And I definitely heard it, woke me up :neutral_face:

When the video starts the tree is already going…


Your :bear: friend pushed it over because he wanted a winter snack.

And now that the fence is broken, the neighborhood fox decides to check out the backyard. I suppose it’s nice to see more animal videos, as I would almost never see them in person. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice red doggie. :grin:

Love the long black socks.

(Y las uñas del pie misteriosas :smile: )


Maybe the Fox is wearing compression stockings. :grin:


You mean the R2D2 smoker? Thankfully Wyze hasn’t said Person detected these days.

Thanks @peepeep and @Antonius for the imagery of Wyze socks and a fox in compression stockings… :upside_down_face:

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The V3 for the deck says my small Weber gas grill is “Vehicle” all the time. I had to turn off vehicle in the settings. Maybe it likes the wheels? :grin:

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If there is an actual vehicle in that backyard, you bigger problems than Wyze mislabeling the event. :rofl:

Once I was surprised there was a Vehicle detected in my yard. Turns out it was a lawn mower. I suppose a ride-on “should” count as a Vehicle? :thinking:

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