Tree splits and falls

View from a v2 mounted under the window heat pump on my mobile home.

Took out part of my neighbor’s fence for their dogs, as well as the electrical feed for the vacant lot the tree was on (which is likely the cause of the weird noises at the end). No significant damage to my mobile home or my neighbor’s as far as I can see, although final assessment will have to wait until the tree is cleared.

YouTube link in the event there is a problem with the upload:


That’s a big tree. Good thing nobody was hurt!

Not too bad overall.

Believe it or not, it is the second time a tree has fallen on my mobile home. Years ago, when I was living on another park (since sold off, shut down and now the site of a retirement community), a tree snapped off near the base during a storm and crashed down onto the front where my bedroom is. Fortunately I was in the living room, but it sounded like a bomb going off. A limb punctured through my roof and rain was coming in on my bed, and one part of the front window had shattered.

EDIT: Discovered that previous incident was 10 years ago, also the last week of April. I suppose in the last week of April 2031, I should be very wary of trees.

No Wyze video of that one, of course! :sweat_smile:

I had planned on putting a camera in that back window. Too bad I hadn’t done it, as that would likely have captured the tree trunk splitting.

I should mention today was a partially sunny day, no storms or even wind at the time.