Stolen Flags! Un-American or American, you decide

Wyze gave proof through the day, that our flags were not there…oh say does our star spangled banner no longer wave, for the land of the thief’s and the home of the selfish.

Enjoy the show

The past few years since living here some realtor drops these nice plastic USA flags about 14 inches by 10 inches on the strip of grass near the curb in front of everyone’s house in the neighborhood a few days before the 4th, probably 300+ houses in the neighborhood. While not being an overly patriotic person, I will say it’s a nice touch for the 4th of July. Well, today, July 3rd, somebody (probably someone in the neighborhood), decided they wanted a few extra and took the ones in front of my and my neighbors…as captured on Wyze-pan cam (continual recording). We appear to be the only two targeted, perhaps they felt it was a good stopping point after the speed hump/bump.


land of the thief’s and the home of the knave!


That’s not an American flag … clearly it’s Chinese american

Wow. So if it is not present already, I think it is time for another Wyzecam nearer the street in an attempt to obtain license plate footage. It does not sound as if you are wishing to confront this person, but if you are, Good luck.