How to drain your WCO down 36% in one day

I put my American Flag out yesterday for 9/11. I turned off the V3 because the flag was in direct view and was swaying in the wind. I forgot about my WCO that was close by and set for scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam. I saw this morning that the cam was down about 40% from the day before. I took the SD out and found there was about 3.2 GB of video of the flag swaying in the breeze, Duh!!! Just happy I didn’t have the cam set to scheduled continuous :upside_down_face:

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Long may she wave! (Except when on cam…)


12 Sec. cloud clip.

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I have a US and a California flag on my flagpole 24x7 (except for bad weather). Most of the time, none of my cameras can see the flag themselves, but several can see good quality shadows. Fortunately all my cameras are wired, so no issue with running down the battery. When the flags are at half staff however, several of them see the flags just fine.

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So in other words, before you go half staff, go full charge. :slight_smile:

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Don’t you also get false triggers on breezy days from the limbs and leaves of those trees?

At least you can take down or move the flag. Meanwhile the Blink cam over my front door is getting its battery worn down by the area just in front of my steps becoming a favorite run for a local pack of dogs. :unamused:

The trees swaying will set off the WCO once in a while, the V3 however will record them and their shadows all day long even though I have them blocked out with the detection zone. :astonished:

Then there’s the odd :raccoon: just off-cam tugging the rope.

Or is it this guy?


Gavin Gallups to Victory!

I voted too, but even if we all voted to recall, the fraudsters would fix that just like with Biden :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can not comment on this subject of Greasy Gavin because I would be banned from this forum for life. :disguised_face:

Surveyed our family. Even split Yes/No. :no_mouth: