Oil gauge for home heating

There are several electronic oil gauges that can be inserted into an oil tank either inside or outside of a home. It would be fantastic to have access to the current oil level to check it from the Wyze application.

Even better would be the ability to set an alert when the oil gets below a certain percentage say 15%.


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ha ha ha. most oil suppliers will give you one of these for free.

Hi - that’s awesome!
I asked about it in New York but no one offered one for free. Thanks

If you want to view what the gauge is showing, and do so from the Wyze app, why not just put a camera where you can see it?


where are you in NY?

Are you contracted with an oil supplier?

East Meadow, New York
It’s on Long Island.
No, like most folks around me I use CODfuel.com defined the lowest current price amongst the oil suppliers in my area.

Yes, I’ve used CODfuel.com also.

here: Amazon.com