Wyze Propane Tank Meter/Scale

I currently live in a rural area where natural gas is non-existent. All of the communities around me everybody uses propane and big propane tanks. It happens to me time and time again where I forget to check the propane. I run out and it is so frustrating. If there is any possibility of a way you guys can create a wyze propane meter. Possibly even solar powered.

A possible workaround would be to place a cam monitoring the gauge on your tank. That way at least you could remotely see the gauge and know your status from anywhere.
Set a reminder with Siri, Alexa or any reminders app to prompt you to look and you are at least better off.
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I rent my tank from my propane company, and I’m 99% sure they would not permit me to install an electronic gauge on it. If there was one available, it would have to be approved by them, and they would be the ones to install it due to liability issues. Personally, I wouldn’t want to put a constantly on, possible electronic ignition source on an 800-lb. propane tank. Call me paranoid…


An ullage gauge would probably not be allowed. A scale gauge probably would, but it would depend on how ungainly the tank is. A pressure gauge would not be very useful.

I used to work in the remote sensor tank industry.

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This would be awesome, I rent my 500lb tank and my propane company has a wireless gage on my tank so they know when they need to send someone out to fill it up. I was thinking of buying a tank and this would be a convenient add on.

I would like to put the scale under my BBQ grill propane tank to monitor how much is left.
A mod. On the wyze scale could do that .

I too have a 100 gallon buried propane tank that provide no remote means of measuring consumption. Upon researching a remote measuring device, I found a Generac device that costs about $225. I was ready to buy it, but then learned that they charge about $80 for an annual subscription to provide the app to read the propane level. This is akin to Chevy charging a fee for a gas gauge on the dashboard – who would ever pay for that???

So I completely agree that this is an excellent suggestion for Wyze to build a measuring device for propane tanks. There are 7M homes that run on propane in addition to RVs, grills, and houses with propane fireplaces. All Wyze has to do is watch the Generac Youtube and they’ll learn that Generac’s solution is cell phone technology. What’s needed is a WIFI technology. When and if Wyze introduces this product, I’ll gladly purchase it. I believe every propane supply company out there would be excited to be able to offer this product to their existing customers and prospects.