Checking the water meter

A couple months ago, I got a huge bill from the water company. Turns out that a toilet that we rarely use was leaking internally, running up the bill. It had been doing this for almost a full month.

So I made myself a reminder to check the little spinning indicator on the water meter once a week to make sure it wasn’t moving when it shouldn’t be. Problem is, the meter is kind of hard to get to, in a dark area behind a panel.

Solution: stick a Wyze Cam in there. Now I can check it easily anytime I want.



Great idea!

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Nice! Our well pump did the same thing one time. Rose the bill $200.

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After a plumbing leak I added a water meter to our well pump so I could point a Wyze Pan at it. Now I can see any water use anytime I want.

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How’d you get power there

It is next to an outlet in my workshop. In fact my 3 Pan’s are on the same outlet and power cycle for a minute each night.

Same problem for 3 months till I found the toilet and my kid not paying attention. Put a sensor on toilet, catch next time someone flushes that it doesn’t code. Get creative tie it close to ball when it reaches the top it’s off.