OG telephoto

Can the OG telephoto camera be used by itself or does it have to be paired with the OG V3? Already have regular V3 and would like to operate the OG telephoto independently of the V3 and without the OG V3

You can use it by itself . It only has a 27 degree field of view, the V3 camera that you have has a 130 degree field of view. I guess the OG telephoto is good for viewing a smaller specific area that you want to view closer.



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Just to clarify some wording used, there is no “OG v3”, there is the OG Standard, the OG Telephoto, and the v3.

Each camera is its own camera, and work independently of any other. Although, the OGS and the OGT do have some viewing features that allow them to have a picture in picture together (ogs-ogs, ogt-ogt, ogs-ogt).

OG standard

OG Telephoto


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Plus the OG’s have the “built” in stacking feature.

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