OG questions

Trying to figure out all the features on my newly setup OG camera. Is using an SD card the same and just as good as subscribing to Cam Plus? Is it best to have it set to continues record or just to record if there is motion? Also every time the wind blows I get a sound alert. What is the best setting for that so you can still pick up sounds but not every time the wind blows?

Using a µSD card and having CamPlus both have advantages. CamPlus gives the advantage that if the camera (and it’s µSD card) are stolen or destroyed, the videos are safely saved on cloud. You also get far more AI event processing and Web View. Having a µSD card allows for 24 x 7 continuous recording and does NOT require a paid subscription.
Personally I have µSD card set to continuous recording in every camera, and I have CamPlus Unlimited with every camera on the plan.


Also when an event is recorded to sd card why is it so hard to find and get it to playback?

Can’t answer that as I set every camera to continuous recording and seldom look at events.

If you are within your return window… I STRONGLY suggest sending your OG’s back… Read my other posts on the subject PLEASE…

Here is my initial pile of OG cameras. These are trash because the “not-so-WYZE” guys won’t stand behind their products!! I suggest you make your own pile and give up on the OG’s. We are all wasting our time thinking WYZE cares and “is working on the issue”!!! We are being lied to!!! My OG issues have existed since January… NO RESPONSE. Do not buy OG cameras!!! Read my other posts to understand the frustration MANY people are having with these…