Where is video stored for Cam Pan v3?

If a Cam Pan v3 has a SD card and Cam Plus subscription, where is the recorded video stored? Both places? If stored on Cam Plus, do you really need a SD card? Couldn’t a burglar just grab the camera from behind, disconnect and take it with the SD card contents also? Would the Cam Plus video still be available?

Any event clip or snapshot triggered by motion detection is stored in the cloud. This includes Cam Plus clips.

The SD card is a separate system that can record continuously on wired cameras like the V3 Pan. Or only record events based on what it thinks is an event (cloud clips and the SD card system may trigger at different motion thresholds). It can also hold time-lapse recordings until they are downloaded to your device (phone).

I personally use the SD card in continuous record mode to back up the cloud recordings, should I need more info than the cloud clip or snapshot shows.

If a camera is stolen, the SD card goes with it. But the cloud clips (hopefully showing the theft) will remain for a while. You can download them to your phone to keep them. Most of my cameras are difficult to steal, either because of their accessibility, or because they are indoors looking out.


That is up to you based on your wants and needs. My mission critical outside cameras have cam plus with cloud events enabled and a SD card set to continuous recording, and the rest have different combos all the way down to my cat food dish camera that is set to events only to SD card and no cam plus.


Beyond the cloud storage of 14 days of full length event video, Cam Plus adds a more valuable feature for me and was the primary reason for getting Cam Plus Unlimited. I still have 256GB cards recording continuous, but Cam Plus comes with no Cooldown period back to back Event Video uploads.

Both no subscription thumbnail snapshots and Cam Plus Lite 12s video uploads are subject to a 5 minute cooldown. If the cam is motion activated, say by a bird, in the period just before when the cam is ripped off the mount and taken with the SD Card, there will be no Video Upload because it is within its 5m Cooldown lockout period. There are also no notifications during this 5m.

I got Cam Plus because I didn’t want 5m gaps in my security cam perimiter.