Is a Cam Plus subscription necessary with Micro SD cards?

Is it necessary to get the Cam Plus subscription if you have Micro SD cards in your cameras? I haven’t really been able to find much info about exactly how it works with the recording to the Micro SD card and if I need the subscription as well in order to see any past events. Thanks!

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Cam Plus is not necessary if you have an SD Card. However, Cam Plus is necessary if you want to detect AI items like Person, Pet, etc.

In addition, if you want to use Wyze Web View, it will be required as well.

Also note: Without Cam Plus you will only receive Still images of an Event, but then the SD Card should have the feed.

What are you looking to do with the Cameras?

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Different uses - somewhat overlapping. Advantages and disadvantage or uSD card recording and CamPlus. For what it’s worth, I have a uSD card set to continuous recording in every one of my almost 50 operational cameras. They also all have CamPlus. Value in each.
BTW, my CamPlus unlimited renews in a few weeks and I plan on renewing it.


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I have all my cams recording to 256GB High Endurance SD Cards Continuously and they are all subscribed to Cam Plus. Almost all my cams are for security purposes, not bird watching or baby monitoring.

Here are the decision points that I considered when I got my first cams…

  • I want alert notifications on my phone when my cam sees a Person or Vehicle entering my property. Those are my Threat Objects. I can’t get those without Cam Plus. SD Card recordings do not initiate alert notifications.
  • I want my cams watching my property and alert notifying me every minute of every day. Cams without Cam Plus take a 5 minute nap after they upload an Event and notify me the first time. For the next 5m, they are wall art if not on Cam Plus.
  • I want my cams to record even if the Internet goes down. The only way to do that is with an SD Card Recording continuously.
  • I don’t want the cam to miss anything that might slip by all the internet and AI workings of uploads and object tagging. I want a 24\7 record of everything on a SD Card I can hand to my lawyer without having to download anything from the servers.
  • My 256GB SD Cards all hold more continuous video (21 to 28 days) than the server saves Event clips (14 days)
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