OG Firmware 1.0.80 issues

Some things I’ve noticed since updating (same issues on OG and OG TEL)

The forward and back arrows when viewing SD no longer jump between events when continuous recording is enabled. They now just go forward and back 1 minute. Cameras with event recording only it works as expected, jumping between events.

Wireless performance has degraded significantly. Others in another thread have reported issues watching SD playback with it freezing etc, I believe this is actually wifi related, as when mine freezes during playback of SD, it actually disconnects and reconnects to my wifi (or maybe it totally reboots, hard to tell). This is especially true when there is motion on the camera (more bandwidth being used to watch playback), it is very jumpy and often totally freezes. This only seems to be an issue when wifi strength is 2 bars or less (around -60db on my cams having issues, according to my AP). This is a perfectly good wifi strenghth for the relatively low bandwidth these cameras use. My OGs with 3 bars (-40 to -50) are fine. However the OGs with 2 bars were fine before the firmware update, occasional jumpiness but nowhere near this, and they did not disconnect from wifi or totally freeze when viewing live view or SD card.

For comparison, my v3 Pan camera with 1 bar (-70db) is very smooth and has no playback issues and stays connected to wifi fine. Another Pan v3 with 2 bars works fine also.

I’m also curious why you wouldn’t want the camera to reboot if there is an SD card issue (one of the “fixes” in this firmware). I guess if it is totally corrupted you wouldn’t want a constant reboot loop, but I have seen a couple of times where the SD card disappears from the camera (and it only tells you when you go in to live view on that cam) and rebooting the cam fixes it. I would actually like for the camera to automatically reboot if it can’t record to SD anymore. Maybe just have it only do it once and if there is still an error, notify the user and don’t continue rebooting. Finding that your SD card has stopped recording hours or days after the issue is a major problem. At the very least, there should be a push notification that the SD has an issue or recording has stopped.

What I haven’t had a chance to do is pull the SD card from one of these cameras to confirm the jumpiness and freezing in video isn’t present there, but given that my two stronger signal OGs are playing back just fine, I doubt it.

This is not related to the outage/server issues as I put my phone on the same SSID as the cameras and monitored in my router to confirm video playback was going local, directly between the cam and my phone, I’m 100% certain it was, and still would freeze up and reconnect to wifi. I did leave internet up so that authentication, events, etc would show up but the streaming was definitely going direct.

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I am having the same issue. SD playback freezes every time. Was working perfectly prior to this firmware. Indeed wifi signal is weak, about -55 from the perspective of the camera. From the perspective of my AP, it’s not bad -31.

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If you are still having your issue… Go read the post “SD Card Viewing and Recording” and also “No video at the selected time? 14 cameras are now literally useless”. Go read those if you want to see more about how I concluded this to be an OG firmware update issue. I am absolutely frustrated, irritated and disappointed beyond belief. WYZE has ignored and failed us…