OG Cam - how do you scrub timeline in landscape view?

Has anyone figured this out? I like the improved precision when scrubbing the SD card event footage on the OG Cam, but I can only figure out how to do it in portrait view when the image is smaller.

Is there a way to access the green timeline along the bottom of the landscape view with the OG Cam? This is easy on all of my V3 cameras and is really the best use case when scrubbing to a precise moment in the video. It’s so much easier to see in landscape view.


I don’t have the OG plugged in rn, but on the v3 pro which also has the new interface I’m able to scrub in landscape just like the older cams. Does this not show up on the OG? Can you send a screenshot?

On the V3Pro and the PanV3, both having similar UI but not exact, when you click anywhere on the video image a transparent timeline appears over the image to scrub time.

The OG Cams completely lack this functionality in FW 1.0.58. there is an update to 1.0.59, however that has yet to be made available on my device so I can’t test if that has been added.

Currently, you can’t scrub in landscape. I would classify this as feature omission that needs to be reported and fixed or added.


Thanks for confirming that the feature doesn’t exist. I think it could be considered a bug since it’s included in all the other cams.


Yup, looks like it needs fixing. Here’s my screenshot. Both of my OG cams are on 1.0.59 and both are missing the landscape scrub timeline.


Thank you. I will report this to the team.


Will this be fixed?


Me too! This needs fixing. Along with making the Detection Zone screen on the OG cams a live image that can be seen in landscape view (like the V3 cams) and not a freeze frame.

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