Cam v4 using MicroSD in landscape

When using the cam v4 using MicroSd and displaying recorded clips in landscape (not from events) the horizental time scroll is very wide more than 5 hours that’s make it difficult to select a given time, the time scroll maybe better in shorter time scroll.

Put your finger and thumb on the timeline and spread them apart (also referred to as “pinch out”). You can do that several times. You will get to the point where the entire width of this display is about 10 minutes on the timeline.


Yes this work great, thanks for your help.

And one more thing when in landscape and trying to select a given time in the horizental scroll bar I am not able to see the current time unless I release my finger from the scroll bar so there is no live time update so you have to keep going left and right and the scroll bar time is not accurate because before noon and after noon does not specisify AM or PM?? the time in the lower right corner is correct yes.

My V4 is set to 24 hour time and it shows on the timeline. 0O:00 to 23:59:59.
!:00 PM is 13:00 in real time, keep counting from there. :rofl:
Set your device to a 24 hour clock.

Where do you set device to 24, i couldn’t find, and some people like me don’t prefer 24 hour

If the camera currently not set to 24 then why the current video clip time shown beside the date in the lower right corner is in 24 now?

The on-screen time is always in 24 hour time. Everything else however you have your phone (not Wyze) set to.

I don’t prefer my smart phone to be set to 24.
The horizontal scroll bar in landscape when usind microsd is not in 24 h and not in AM/PM …

Then what is it?

The time scroll bar go 0,1. To 12 then 1,2…12. So its not am/pm and not 24 h

0 - 12 and 1 - 12 makes 25 hours. Something does not add up there. My phone is in 24 hour and the hours on the scroll are 0 - 23 (as it should be).

Was A typo 0…11 then 0…11 check the scroll bar when using microsd

I don’t want to set my phone to 24. I want it in am/pm the time scroll bar currently not in 24 and not in am/pm period.