OG Cam dark bar at top of image

Has anyone else noticed the persistent dark gradient bar at the top of the screen when viewing a OG or OG Tele cam?
Presumable it is there for legibility of the overlay, but when the overly disappears it leaves the dark bar at the top of the screen.
Screen grab of image w/overlay:

Screen grab of image without overlay:

The weird part is when you “Take Photo” the image is clean.

This only occurs with the OG and OG Tele cameras. All others cams with overlays (v3 Pan, v3 Pro, Floodlight Pro, Battery Cam Pro) all have clean images when the overlay disappears.
App v2.44.5 (330) Android.
I have not tested on iOS but get the same behavior on various Android devices.
Hardware Decoder on/off makes no difference.
The live web view does not show the bar, but doesn’t have an overlay to begin with. I am sure this “feature/bug” is related to the overlay somehow.

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The gradient does go away on iOS, but I can confirm that it does stay there on my Android.
Good catch.