OG cam memory card playback

I Don’t know if this subject has been talked about before. I tried searching but the search engine is not working well. I’m looking for some solutions to the following problems.
Problem 1
The OG cam gives notifications in a static picture format. When I go to the SD card it shows a dark film overlay with the controls. The dark film overlay often covers the actual event when it happens. So then I have to go back in time and watch it again which is not always easy to find.
Problem 2
When the notification is regarding a sound again, you get a static picture which tells you nothing. Then you go to the SD card memory and the sound is off on the playback so you have to then turn the sound on and go back and try and watch it again.
Problem 3
When I’m watching the playback and I hit the full screen view it tries to rotate to the full screen mode but then just crashes.
This is all on my pixel 6 pro if that makes a difference.

All should be being sent with this Thumbnail image.

That is the Video Controls Overlay. If you click on an area of the overlay that doesn’t have buttons, even while the video is still loading before it plays, it should disappear. Clicking it again will make it reappear. I wish that the video would launch without that, but then new users wouldn’t know where to find the controls.

The video player sound does default to off. It would be nice for it to remember the last setting. Perhaps this can be requested I. The Wishlist.

That is definitely a bug. What App Version?

The app version is 2.47.0 (373)
The OG cam version is 1.0.71

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I have an OG-S on the same Firmware running the same Production App version on a Moto G Stylus 5G 2023 Android 13.

I tried to replicate the same while viewing SD Playback and both pressing the full screen rotation button and also simply rotating the phone. I could not replicate the behavior. The App never crashed for me.

I would suggest perhaps uninstalling the app and reinstalling to be sure there isn’t something odd going on with the app. If it persists, I would post into the App Version Release thread to report the bug. You might have some Pixel users who can test and try to reproduce the bug.