"offline" bulb

Bulb shows as offline, but I can change its color and brightness, but I cannot turn it off.

What have you tried to correct it?

I would unscrew the bulb, leave it sitting out for about 2 minutes and then screw it back in and see if it connects for you.

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After having white bulbs for several years, with one in my bedroom to turn on and off by rules, I had the opposite of your issue. The bedroom bulb did not turn on by rule and although I could turn it on and off according to the app, it did not light up. The app did not indicate any connectivity issue, the bulb just wouldn’t respond.

I manually turned the light socket off and back on, and the bulb reset and worked again as expected.

Customer Service Rep: “Have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in?”

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I have had this experience too the last couple of weeks! And it’s always random bulbs. I just turn them off physically and back on and they’re good again until they decide to not respond.

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