Official word from Wyze on v1 not working any more?

I love the wyze empty responses, The v1 cameras were able to run again by reverting to a previous firmware by giving them a new firmware version number. How do I know this, because I found the older firmware on an alternative website(wyze took theirs down) and got the same response. Wyze deliberately put out a bricking firmware in hopes that people would scrap the cameras dismiss the issues and buy a newer model. ohh that didn’t go well. The cameras issues are strictly server sided, despite the official excuses.

I love seeing the emails that wyze sends out, tooting their own horn making them sound like a proud, supporting and caring company who cares about their customers. I/We can clearly see the BS behind this. ie… “Get ready for some big camera announcements in just a few weeks! And we will of course continue to support and update all Wyze products.”

Hey wyze we know that your a bunch of greedy [Mod Edit] liars. Either fix the SERVER SIDED problem or just [Mod Edit] right off.

P.S. Let me know when the wyze automatic toilet flusher becomes available, we the customers at least know your good at managing [Mod Edit]

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