\"Off\" still not working!

Brought this up once B4, thought it now worked - wrong.

Turning a cam OFF in the Wyze app only turns it off for that device and app viewing. Cam still generates alerts, and can be seen streaming on other devices. Latest app version, latest firmware on v2 cam (v2 -, app - 1.5.42). Have power cycled, shut off and reloaded app. Only way to not stream, once connected, is unplug power or block the cams view.

There is an update coming soon to fix this.

iOS beta version 1.5.50 and V2, OFF does work. To test, I turned off one of my V2 cameras in response to this post. I just checked and there were no notifications in the next several hours. This camera points at where I park my truck, so it WOULD have triggered at the very least when I came home (likely more than that)… I don’t know about shared as I am not sharing with anybody.