V2 cam sending audio and video notifications when it's OFF

Wyze is going crazy.

Known / intended behavior. For better or worse. The cameras are never really off until you cut their power.

Mine started sensor notifications during the night and I turned the cams off and they keep trying to turn back on. I think I am done with Wyze way to many problems and don’t trust there privacy any more.

it’s because of the server outage that started last night.

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There is a known server issue which caused problems. There may be a rush of incoming delayed notifications.


Is this related to why the cam status in the app isn’t working properly?

I haven’t been able to turn cams on/off from the main screen. Cams with latest fw were earlier labeled as offline, while old fw cams could be turned on from inside the device screen, but not from the main screen. Turning off the cams isn’t possible, so my cams are now on and sending notifications, but labeled as off on the main screen and when entering the device screen :thinking:

Lots of bugs lately @wyzeteam - maybe focus more on stability/security for a while instead of new products… I think there are plenty of us loosing our patience and trust

yup its related