Off and online

I was wondering does anyone else have problems with their v3’s bouncing back and forth between online and off line? Mine do it often. One moment they are on line next they may be off then they will come back online. I don’t change anything or do anything, they do it on their own. I’m running 2gig x2 gig internet. I would think it would home my house automation. Especially since I don’t do much else with it but browse the internet sometimes.

Check your power cable connections to make sure every connection is tight. As a brief test, you may move a v3 closer to the WiFi router to see if proximity has an effect.

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Is your camera really going offline, or does it only show that it’s offline? These Wyze cameras have a tendency to show offline (a cloud with a line thru it) when they are actually still online. Try it on one of your cameras. When it goes offline, see if you can still access the camera and see live motion. I have a dozen cameras and I always have one or two that show offline, but are still online.

Maybe someone is messing with your cameras? To answer your question, yes I have seen this issue more than once. I’m in IT and was able to determine that people in my neighborhood were sending deauthentication packets to my access point.

There are a lot of technically savvy individuals that also work in IT as well as high school kids in my neighborhood. After spending months to determine who was doing it, a couple of conversations and the deauthentication issues ceased. Nobody has admitted to anything, but it is more than obvious that my conversations resolved the issue. Of course these same bad actors could easily get a wild hair up their butt and go back at it at any time.

Here is an example of an inexpensive device that will easily boot every single WYZE device you own off of your network. The device could also target individual devices that are secured using WPA2 WiFi security. How WYZE or any other company securing their products with WPA2 security could consider themselves a security company is WAY beyond my understanding.

WPA2 security is well known to be a joke!