2 of my wyze v3 cameras go offline at night only

I have 5 v3 cameras and wyze doorbell, and wyze security system. My 2 cameras on the left and right side of my house seem to go offline at about 10 pm and come back on about 6am. I tryed looking through all kinds of seetings but i cant find out why this is happening and its driving me crazy. Non of my other cameras do this. Please help.

Are they powered from a power source that gets turned off (either a timer of manually)?
Yes, we had someone a while ago that had a camera plugged into an outlet in the baby’s room that was switched by the room light switch. Every time they turned the room light off, the camera stopped working.

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Are all cameras accessible? If so, swap one bad camera with a good unit to try to pinpoint possible WiFi issues.

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Good idea I will try that and see what happens. I can’t see it would be wifi as my garage camera is even further away than my side house cameras and it doe snot go out.

It isn’t that simple. WiFi dead spots can occur even near the router.

Please remember, folks here are offering suggestions for you to look at. As you already know, the cameras themselves are not supposed to be doing that, and probably not the cameras by themselves doing it.

Can you verify that the only devices on your WiFi network are doing this? And just because you don’t notice anything else, does not mean nothing else is affected.

You know, WiFi uses different channels? Sometimes we can improve the signal strength or eliminate interference or conflict with devices by changing the WiFi’s broadcast channel. You might look for a WiFi channel scanner on Apple app store of Google Play. There used to be a good one called Meraki WiFi Stumbler. I no longer have an Android device, so I can’t confirm it still exists. It scanned WiFi channels around you. You could see if what yours and your neighbors are using. You can then change yours to avoid conflict with others.

Since the problem is occurring after 10:00 could be a neighbor is turning on a device that is conflicting with your WiFi network. Maybe the WiFi scanner does not id or recognize another conflict, but you might well still be advised to change your channel to a different one and see if it makes a difference.

Most mainstream routers have the scanner tool built-in. Even my off-brand $60 router has it.

OK I have scanned for wifi channel conflicts and there seems to be none, I have deleted and reinstalled the 2 cameras on the app, I have moved the cameras to a lower spot on my house to see if the position was an issue, all of this and it still has the same problem. help please!!

Are the night vision lights activated after ten? Maybe it is overheating or something.

I recommend you take both cameras, cables and power adapters down from where they are and move them to another location - for a test. Not for permanent change. Get them away from the power outlet, and other things that might be contributing to this issue. I’d also not turn them on/plug them in until about 15 minutes before they had been dropping offline. See if you can id a common factor that could be the cause.

Do you have a third camera you can place exactly where these two have been - to see if its the location that impacts the performance?

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