All cameras offline only at night

I’ve had two of the V.2 cameras at my house for quite a while now with no issues, but I just purchased the new V.3 indoor/outdoor camera. Since than I’ve had everything go offline around 8pm each night since then. I’ve got quite a bit of streaming devices running at night 3 TVs and 3 phones. Maybe my Internet can’t handle the bandwidth? Any suggestions appreciated

First of all, do you mean the V3 camera or the Outdoor camera?
Yes, you could simply be running out of bandwidth. What is your internet capability? What is your WiFi hardware?

Yes, it sounds like you are running out of bandwidth. Tell us the make/model of your router, or if it is it 802.11g, n, or ac? Do you stream on your phones at night?

Separately, if you go to, what does it tell you?

I had my V3s going offline in the early mornings. It’s no longer happening and hopefully it’s fixed. Not saying your situation is the same, just offering how I fixed mine.

For a while now, I had switched my DNS server from what my ISP normally uses, to a third-party server that promises to block ads.

It seems that they undergo maintenance at those early hours and the service is disabled. I know that Wyze cams “phone home” regularly. It seems the V3s can’t recover when the DNS server goes down and they go offline. I say V3s, because my V2s are not affected.

I have since started using the ISP DNS server again but installed a raspberry pi-hole to block ads.

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The box says Wyze can indoor outdoor v.3
As for my internet provider it is mediacom.
The modem/wifi all in one deal made by Hitron.
I am currently running 3 cams 4 TVs and 4 phones that probably are constantly gathering some sort of info from my ISP. I unplugged my garage cam today to see what it does tonight. If it continues to only go offline at night it probably is due to the high streaming that’s done at night. My thermostat for the first time started to act up. It randomly set its own temperature and schedule today. It is no smart thermostat but it does have the capability of connecting to wifi.

Hmm I think I have a PI laying around. Thanks for the input

How do you know they go “offline”? Are you streaming them live somewhere? Does the motion detection stop at the time? Just can’t access live view after 8? Local storage stops at 8p? If you can explain what your offline means I think that’ll help.

If you are.not streaming from the camera, and they are not actively uploading a clip, they use very minimal wifi and/or internet space.

I noticed one night after I heard a noise outside around 11pm. I opened the Wyze app and Eve trying shows offline including my door sensors.

How do you know everything goes offline right at 8 PM?
Also, do you have to power-cycle the offline devices to get them to reconnect?

It seems to be random. I’m not sure it’s 8pm anymore it’s just at night. They seemed to stay online last night till at least 10 when I went to bed. It might have just been a fluke the last couple of days. I did unplug and reset my modem/ router and I haven’t had problems

This solves all kinds of Wyze cam problems :grin:

It really does.

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