Odd thermostat issues

I went through the wiring steps, seemed pretty straightforward, and installed the thermostat onto the base plate. The cellphone app was able to find it and I went through the rest of the steps. I couldn’t really tell if heat and a/c were working during the test phase, the vents are in a high ceiling.

The app said the device was connected to the internet. I noticed that a firmware update was available so I initiated that. But as time passed the heat never did come on to warm the house. Turning the knob did nothing, that’s not a good sign. I tried pulling the device off of the back plate and plugging it back in. Now it shows no WiFi connection and I can’t go through the setup process again, it doesn’t appear on bluetooth.

Maybe I got a bad one? I don’t see any actual support anywhere for this.

There was a reddit post recently were a user had to hard reset the thermostat by pushing in the knob and holding it down until it reset. Then proceed to set it up again. Another user did the same and it appeared to work.

Just installed my thermostat tonght. My update failed at first, so I finished setup then closed the app. Upon reopening the connection to the thermostat, I was able to update after trying the prompt again. Haven’t had a call for heat yet, but I confirmed my furnace lit-off during system test for heat and my compressor kicked on during system test for cooling. Fingers crossed, good luck!

The install for me was fine. TILL it ran heat all day then now it’s running my AC and it’s 34 degrees outside. SMH