Smart thermostat setup + tech support

Anyone else have trouble setting up a thermostat? I can get it to connect to cloud then add the device but it hangs up at finalizing. The best answer I have got is you have to have an android phone to troubleshoot. Been trying this off and on for 6 months but support just always says they will have someone email me but in over 50 attempts at tech support they have never once had someone send me an email. You cannot ask to speak to supervisor because they only communicate through email , but yet they won’t email you. I have called and I have chatted and I have emailed and no one has ever been able to tell me why it will not finalize setup , only that the problem is on my end and I need an android phone. Why do they not tell you when you buy it that it only works with android?

Turn off mobile data while it is being setup. Make sure you are connected to the same wifi hot spot it is connecting to. It might need location turned on to work properly during setup (but you can turn it off later).

@horseshoer It looks like you are starting to get some help from the community. If that doesn’t get your issue solved and you are still having trouble with Support, please post your support ticket number here and we can ask to have your case escalated.

Which ticket number would you like? I have over 50 ticket numbers going back about 6 months. Do you want a recent one?

Another question is what is a reasonable time
Frame for a response? In 6 months I have never gotten a reply through email,

Call in support says we cannot proceeded with troubleshooting until I get an android device but will forward my troubles to someone who will email me.

This thread might help:

The ticket number from the interaction where they said you cannot set up the thermostat on an iOS device would be most helpful.

That said, let’s wait to see if the troubleshooting advice you are getting from @speadie works for you.