Odd issue withnthe vac tod

One room in the house is messed up because I am installing a ceiling fan in that room, so a ladder is in the middle. We just kept that door closed and the vac bypassed it.
Tonight I chose that room to clean. It wandered around in the room with the dock for about 10 minutes, not cleaning. You can see in the map where it was wandering aimlessly.

I aborted the cleaning cycle and “told” it to charge. Again, it wandered around and finally found the dock. It docked, went into the mode right before it shuts down, and immediately undocked. Did this a few times until I manually powered it off.

I have the same issue with docking/undocking. I have to manually help it into the dock for it to begin charging. Haven’t found a fix yet

Today “Sharon” was great


Docking was perfect also.

Make sure the dock is on a solid surface against a wall. The first time I used the vac I had attached the dock to my ceramic tile floor with strong double stick 3m tape away from the wall. Vac ended up pushing the dock around and naturally couldn’t find it when it was time to charge.
One time I had to push it back a little so it could dock. This is new software so issues are to be expected. I am sure $900 Roomba vacs have problems also.