Sharon has issues

Vac has been doing great (a few hiccups but nothing major) but take a look at the map from Saturday (we give her Sunday off).

Compare it to today

The map changed quite a lot. She is going all over the place like she got into the hooch (she must have brought it with her because neither my wife nor I imbibe).

Will see what happens tomorrow.

I’ve had something like that happen a couple of times. Once, it went under a shelf in our laundry room where it previously thought there was a wall, and then it got all screwed up and thought it discovered entirely new rooms which would have been outside and a portal into a different room. I just picked it up and set it back down in a hallway intersection it would recognize, and restarted it. It was then able to pick back up where it should’ve been and continue the cleaning correctly. I then told it not to save the new updates it found to the map that day.


Perhaps our vacs found another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind…

I like how the LIDAR can see through my patio door and front door and add that to the map.


The mapping function goes haywire if the vacuum is stuck and is manually unstuck. I have the same issue.

Yeah, that’s why when it gets stuck and I unstick it, I don’t put it down near where I unstuck it. Instead, I make sure to put it somewhere that is very distinctive on the map. For example, in a hallway intersection or somewhere the lidar would shoot through multiple doorways and where the map will easily identify exactly where it is because the design is fairly unique. When I do that, it has never had a problem picking back up as normal again. However, if I unstick it and set it back down nearby, even a few inches, or spun around slightly, sometimes it screws up again depending on the location.

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2 days in a row with no issues. Docking is textbook. Still happy with the vac, and if it breaks out of warranty, I will either try to repair this one or purchase another Wyze vac.

We took the doors off the spare bedroom closet and converted the space to an office about 6 years ago when my wife started working from home. The doors went under the king size bed in the master bedroom. Haven’t ever vacuumed under the bed because our regular vac wouldn’t fit. Pulled the doors out and let Sharon go to work. :open_mouth: