Odd disparities in shipping and delivery

This is kind of odd.

My January 28 order to Tucson (a sense hub, some v3, climate sensor, keypad, and entry sensors is still in pack (ok, it moved from pick/pack a couple of days ago).,

My Feb 3 order to Vegas (a sense hub) is still in pack.

Yesterday’s order to Vegas (Feb 4), another v3, entry orders, and v3 spotlight kit, is . . . out for delivery!


Doing you will know

I just noticed the emails.

four hours and one minute between notice that they received the order, and he email that it shipped

So is your order coming 2 day

It showed up an hour ago.

I would excitedly open it, but I’m still in tucson . . .

Copy,it will be interesting to see if it’s all there