ODC Battery charge indicator stuck on 100%

Anyone seeing a problem with the battery indicator stuck on 100%? Then after a week of heavy use it drops to 10%. Plug it in to charge and in 5 minutes it indicates 100%. I just charged it for 4 hrs then did 2 hrs of recording, still indicates 100%.

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Mine has been in use for 2 months. Still showing 100%.

I’ve had my outdoor camera installed for over a month, yet the app still indicates 100% battery.

I believe I received a notification a few days ago that my battery was below 20%.

I sent logs to Wyze. (LogID 45268)

Came home from a week away and the Outdoor Camera would not connect. My six other Wyze cameras had no issues. I removed the camera and fully recharged it overnight.

This morning, I turned the camera on and re-mounted it on it’s magnetic pedestal. Three hours later, I received a notification that the battery level was low. Opened the app and the camera says it has 20% battery remaining.

To recap, the first time mounting the outdoor camera, the battery indicator never moved off of 100%. After fully charging the battery, the battery indicator dropped to 20% after 3 hours of use.

Event stranger, still is that in the time it took me to type this message, take the screenshot of the app, and upload it, the battery indicator went UP to 21%???

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Submitted logs to Wyze (#49845).
Wyze iOS app v2.14.22
Outdoor Cam firmware v4.17.0.159

Outdoor Cam stopped connecting at 1:06PM due to “Critical” battery. Message on screen said to recharge.

Twelve minutes later, at 1:18PM, I brought Outdoor Cam inside, plugged into power without switching off, battery level indicates 100% in app??? :astonished:





I purchased four ODC and one did similar things you are seeing… After a number of emails and screen captures to document the problems Wyze replaced the camera.

Is no one else having this issue? I let it go hoping that after an update/power-cycle/recharge it might work itself out. No dice, still says 100% - 100% of the time.

Similar to @gebrinckmann, after 5 emails with support and performing a series of troubleshooting tasks, my warranty replacement outdoor camera is arriving today.